Problem Connecting to ODB datafile. "Can Not Open File' error.
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 23 Apr 2008 02:15 PM

Problem Connecting to ODB datafile. "Can Not Open File' error.

When connecting via Macintosh to a server running ODB, you may receive the following:

Opening BookingCenter Desktop on the client OS X, you are asked for the location of the data file. You are able to point to the server through Finder and can see the file *.df1, but when selected, an error message appears: "Unable to find *.df1".

This is due to a CaSE SenSITivIty issue with naming on the Mac OS X platform.

If your remote server is something like SMB/BOOKINGCENTER/Odb_Admin.df1, the "caseness" may be the problem. Uppercase may translate to be shown either Capitalized or lowercase on the other end, and although Fat32 is supposed to be/ and in fact IS Case Sensitive, many things along the way may almost rightfully expect Uppercase 8/3 format, and "odb_admin.df1" may show as "ODB_ADMIN.df1", but also "odb_admin.DF1".

The fix is to use lower or UPPER case letters on all BookingCenter-related folders and files on the server to take away the problem and all ought to work fine. For example, BookingCenter installs the odb admin application to Applications/odb_admin/ and it expects to find a datafile in your Applications/BookingCenter/ folder. Simply make these folders names either all upper or all lower case and this will solve the problem if this happens on your network.
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