How to Avoid Over-Writing Guest Details When an Email is Used for Multiple Bookings
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 23 Apr 2008 11:44 AM

How to Avoid Over-Writing Guest Details When an Email is Used for Multiple Bookings

When an online booking occurs, the Guest Email address is intended to work just like the Property Management System in the sense that it uses a unique Guest to represent each booking. These guests may have been uploaded from a BookingCenter Property Management System so that the online users who make bookings can be integrated into our Guest database, assigned their proper 'booking history', and never become duplicate guest entries. This is a valuable feature for marketing purposes to keep track of 'repeat visitors;.

The email address is what we use as that the 'unique identifier' for each Guest who books online- as do most web sites. The email address can not be duplicated for two people, as the internet does not allow this.

If the online booking did not use the correct unique Guest ID (because maybe they changed their email address or used a different one than was entered into the Property Management System) here is how you can do it manually once the booking is made:

• Find the Booking Detail you want to edit and click EDIT.

• Place a "?" in the Guest ID field and click <tab> to 'search for an existing guest'.

• Use the search tool to search for the Guest by Company, Last, or First Name.

• Double click the Guest once you have found them and you are taken back to the Booking ID where the old Guest record is no longer associated, but the one you double clicked on above.

hint: You will notice that you could have also simply entered the Guest ID into the Booking Details screen to do the same, if you knew the Guest ID ahead of time.
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