Static IP Adresses for use in ODB Networks
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 17 Mar 2008 10:27 AM

Static IP Adresses for use in ODB Networks

A static LAN IP address must bet set on the Network Manager Mac/PC when using ODB to protect database integrity for multi-user Mac OS X networks. A WAN IP - which is a static IP address given by an ISP for an extra monthly cost usually - is NOT required. Only a static local IP (LAN IP).

If my WAN (internet accessible IP) is, then I have a router that makes all my LAN IPs look like or, I need to make my ODB server retain a static IP of, for example, This does not usually require a setting change on the local router, only on the network settings of the PC/Mac 'Network Manager' running the ODB. The change on the Network Manager running ODB is usually as simple as switching from 'Use DHCP' to 'Set Manually/Retrieve Automatically' and then that machine will ALWAYS have the IP address of, in the example above, However, if the router is using DHCP, it is a good idea for it to be set NOT to hand out the server address (eg Usually you just set the range the DHCP server will hand out to start at, so that it will never assign the that was manually assigned to the Network Manager.

Setting up a network is beyond the scope of BookingCenter's Support policy, as any mildly trained network administrator can do this at little cost to a business owner. Setting proper expectations is within BookingCenter's support scope, and it is our hope this KnowledgeBase article clarifies what is meant by 'static IP'.
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