Folio: How do I provide a discount to the guest?
Posted by Jesse Chieppa on 11 Jan 2014 10:31 AM

How do I give a discount to the guest? There are times when you need to provide a discount to a guest when a booking is created or after the booking has already been created.There are two options for giving a discount. The option you choose depends on whether or not you want to be visible to the guest in the folio or as a discounted rate. 

Option 1: Discount Rate Plan

If you simply need to give a discounted rate and the guest doesn't need to "see" the discount on the folio, then apply the discount to the Rate Plan. If you want the discount to appear as a separate transaction on the guest folio, the go to option 2.

  • Prior to check in or before any RENT items have been posted, simply edit (Edit Tab) the booking and change the rate to the appropriate rate plan.  If there isn't a predefined rate plan, select Manual rate and enter in the discounted rate.
  • After check in or after RENT items have been posted, you can modify the RENT item you wish to discount to give it a new value. To do so locate the RENT(s) or Item(s) postings you wish to discount on the folio and click 'Modify Amount'.
  • In the 'New Amount' field enter the new dollar amount, not the amount of the discount.  For example if you had a $150 room rent posting and you wanted to give the guest 10% off ($15) in the new amount field you would put $135.00.  The system will post a reversal of the original $150 and then re-post the room rent in $135 including the recalculated taxes. 

See Modify Rates

Option 2 : Giving Discount on Folio

If you want to apply a discount as a separate line item to a guest folio so that it appears to the guest on statements, then you must set up an inventory item called "discount" and then go to the folio to apply the discount.

Step 1: Setting up the discount item:

  1. First create a "Discount" Inventory Item you wish to use in the setup area. Go to SETUP | PARAMETERS | INVENTORY ITEMS
  2. If  you want the discount to also decrease your tax liability,  then the item should be put in the group,  RENT. if this is the case, make sure that the item you setup for the discount has tax values that match your RENT item. If you don not want taxes applied, then create or assign a different group.
  3. Unless the value of the discount will always be the same, we recommend you leave the sell value blank.

See Add Inventory Items

Posting the discount to the folio: Once you have your discount item(s) created you're ready to post the discount to the guest.  

  1. Open the Guest booking details and go to the Folio.
  2. Go to "Add Charge" and select your discount inventory item.
  3. Enter the Quantity as negative number(i.e. -1)and the unit price as the positive amount ( i.e. 20.00)
  4. Click apply payment and the transaction will be applied to the guest folio.

For example to provide single $15 discount you would enter qty -1 and unit price 15.00, which will make the amount -15.00.  Then simply click apply charge and the -15.00 and negative applicable taxes will be posted to the guests folio. 

 See Give a Discount

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