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Online Bookings: What deposit options do I have for online bookings?
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 10 Nov 2009 09:47 AM

What deposit options do I have for online bookings?

The 4 deposit options for online bookings include:

  1.  1-night deposit. This will take the ADR and make that the deposit.
  2. A percentage. This will take the total cost of the booking, multiple a % of it, and then use that amount to calculate the deposit amount. For example, a booking of $200 with a 25% deposit will require a $50 deposit be agreed to prior to concluding the booking.
  3. A Flat fee, whihc simply takes the amount entered (say $50) as a flat fee to confirm and process the booking.
  4. A credit card guarantee. In this method, simply providing a potentially valid credit card with an expiry date in the future will allow the booking to conclude.

    Only when a customer is using a live Point of Sale integration (POS Module for Channel Manager or Desktop customers and MyCard for MyPMS) do the first three deposit methods actually process the money. Note that if you wish deposits to be taxed, see the article here:


Once ready to make the choice see the Deposit, Confirmation, and Cancellation Policy Message for MyPMS customers here and Channel Manager customers here.

You should inform the guest of your policy very clearly. This needs to be placed in the section called "Deposit, Confirmation, and Cancellation Policy Message" section and then the guest will need to agree to it (clicking a 'checkbox') prior to concluding their online booking.


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